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How do I report a deviation which I think breaks the rules?

If you are using the DeviantArt Mobile Application and wish to report an image for any reason, please locate the image on the Web version at and use the reporting tools made available there.

To the right of every deviation you will find a column which presents various bits of information and options. At the bottom of this column beneath the area devoted to Statistics you will find a link titled Report Deviation preceded by a small symbol of an exclamation point within a diamond shape.

Upon clicking the Report Deviation link you will be offered a standard form where you will be able to make selections and enter information or explanations. We have tried to word each selection to be as clear as possible.

With the exception of DMCA takedown notices, your report will be kept completely anonymous. Only a small number of staff with the proper set of privileges will have access to the report and the person that you report will not receive your name or any information with which to identify you.

All reports, with the exception of DMCA takedown notices, will enter the Moderation System where they will be reviewed in a particular order of priority by a member of the DeviantArt administration. Due to volume and complexity of reports combined with a prioritization system we cannot give an estimate to how long your report may wait before it is reviewed.

To learn more about DMCA takedown notices, consult the DeviantArt Copyright Policy.

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