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How do I purchase items for someone from their wishlist?

To do this simply visit the profile page of the user you wish to buy items for and locate their Wishlist. Once located you will need to click on the button entitled "Browse Wishlist". After you have clicked on the button proceed by locating the item you wish to purchase and click on it. If the item you are selecting is a print you can next choose some details about it such as size and finish, you may also do the same if you are purchasing a deviantWEAR item that can be worn. After you have made all of your selections, you can then add the item to your cart. After the item is added to your cart, you will be able to note that it is going to ship to the user who's wishlist you browsed.

Please note that users have the ability to list in their devious information their preferred size for deviantWear merchandise and finishing and size option for printable options. So if you wish to buy one of these items, you should check to see if a deviant has listed a preference.

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