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How do I sell Digital Files of art-related Content?

As a seller, you can make almost any art-related content that can be placed in a digital file available for purchase. Using the submit process you are offered the option to add Premium Content to your deviation.

The content must be your original work or you must have full authority to make it available for sale. The content also needs to qualify under DeviantArt's Submission Policy and Etiquette Guidelines. The Premium Content Platform is designed for both ease of use and security. Deviants wishing to sell content are able to do so efficiently and ensure their high-quality content is put to its proper use, on their terms, while also generating profit for their hard work. Sellers are able to set their own prices for Premium Content Platform downloads and, once sold, a seller retains 80% of all revenue earned.

When making a Premium Content download available for sale, sellers are encouraged to provide a detailed deviation description about the content being made available for purchase in order to avoid misunderstandings or disappointments from buyers. For example, if the content is a brush that will work only in certain versions of software or if the content is a file that will only open in certain editions of Photoshop or Painter, the description should explain these nuances as much as possible.

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