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I created a group but users cannot join. How do I let them?

In order to enable the 'join' feature, you must go into your "Manage Members" area via the button on the "About Us" and "Admin Area" tabs. Let me walk you through it:

  1. On your group home page, click the button titled 'Admin Area' (it has a red circle with a - sign)

  2. Click the section from the bar entitled 'Manage Members.' This will pull up a section that lists all of the different categories of members from Founders and down. You can set all of your settings for each one on this panel!

  3. Select 'Members'

  4. A menu will pull up with all of the settings for members as well as a link to invite members if you wish (you can invite specific people with this section.)
    Ignore this for now and look to your right. It will say 'On Home, Members' on the right.

  5. The second selection down from this is 'Join Requests.'
    You can change your setting now from 'Are Not Allowed' to either 'Are Automatically Approved' or 'Are Subject to Vote'
    The first selection will open up your membership as well as automatically approve your members to join the group while the second will open up your membership and allow you to decide who can or cannot join.

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