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What are Channels and how do I use them?

Channels formally known as the Frontpage Customization are a way to display customized feeds of your favorite areas of deviantART. Channels can be accessed by clicking the Channels link in the top menu (if it's not there you can click on the More button and it will be listed under the Diversion category). The Channels page will display all of your Channels and automatically starts out with "Newest", "Popular", "Prints", and "Daily Deviations" before you customize your channels to your liking.

You can also find your channels at the bottom of main deviantART pages in the collapsible footer. It will display a stream of thumbs for one particular Channel. In order to view other Channels you can click the up and down arrows or click on the drop down menu and select the Channel of your choice. The "All Channels" button will take you to the main Channel page and the "Browse" button will let you browse that particular Channel.

Customizing Channels

In order to customize your channels you will need to go to the Channels main page and click on the "Customize" button, located on the top right of the customization page. Once you click on the button a customization box will appear allowing you to modify your Channels as you wish. There are four different types of channels Basic, Category, Deviant, and Search. A channel can be anything such as Popular Deviations today, Newest Deviations, Favorites of a specific deviant, Deviations by a specific artist and much more!

As a non subscriber you only get four slots which are the default. In order to have customizable Channels you will need to edit one of the four default Channels. If you are a subscriber you are allowed to have up to twenty different Channels.

Modifying a Channel

To modify a Channel click on the Channel you wish to change. It will turn blue and a yellow bubble will appear letting you edit the specific Channel. To save your modifications, you will need to click the "OK" button of the bubble. Keep in mind this button is different from the "OK" button of the Customize box at the bottom.

Deleting a Channel

In order to delete a channel all you need to do is select the channel and click the "Delete" button in the yellow box. The Channels will then move up to replace the deleted Channel.

Moving a Channel

You can reorder your channels by dragging them around. Simply click and drag a Channel above or below another Channel to reposition it. Keep in mind that empty slots (or reserved ones) cannot be dragged around.

Adding a Channel

To add a new channel select an empty slot and it will turn blue. You can then select details for the selected slot inside the yellow bubble. After you have finish making your selection, click on the "OK" button for the bubble to save your changes.

Choosing a Channel Type

When the yellow bubble is visible, whether you are editing an existing Channel or creating a new one, you first get to pick the channel type, "Basic", "Category", "Deviant", and "Search". Once you select the type of Channel, it becomes highlighted and more options are displayed regarding the type of Channel.

  • Basic - The Basic Channel type allows you to choose one of the following channels: Newest, Popular, Prints, Daily Deviations, and deviantWatch. Newest displays newest deviations as they are submitted. Popular shows popular deviations from the last 24 hours. Prints displays today's prints as they go through quality assurance. Daily Deviations displays staff picks for today. deviantWatch shows the latest submissions from the deviants in your deviantWatch.

    The deviantWatch Channel is a subscriber only Channel

  • Category - The Category Channel type allows you to use a category as your channel. From the "Show" box select either "Newest" or "Popular". To pick a category click on the "All Categories" link and then select the category of your choice.

  • Deviant - The Deviant Channel type allows you to show art related to a specific Deviant. Start by typing the name of the Deviant you are interested in, in the "Who?" text box. If the Deviant is in your friends list, you can pick their name from the Friends box by clicking on the "Friends" link. After selecting the Deviant of your choice, you can set the Channel to either "Newest" which will display their newest submissions or "Favourites" which will display the latest deviations they have added to their Favourites.

  • Search - The Search Channel allows you to create any type of Channel you want with practically no limitations. You can use the "Keywords" text box to create a Channel out of anything you can think of. In addition to the use of Keywords you can also set to Newest or Popular and select if you just wish to see Prints. You can use the "Categories" link below the "Keywords" text box to select a specific category and you can also specify a Deviant using the "Friends" link. The keywords work similar to the main search engine so don't forget to check the Search FAQ for more information on parameters you can use.

Once you are done customizing your Channels, don't forget to click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the customizing box to save your settings. If you don't want to save your changes you can click "Cancel" and if you wish to reset back to the default Channels you can click "Reset".

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