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How do I download Brushes?

In order to download Brushes you will first need to Browse to the appropriate Category.

To do this, click on the "Browse" link, located above the search, next to the deviantART header. Once on the Browse page you will need to click the Category button, once clicked a menu will appear. On the menu you will need to select 'Resources' then 'Application Resources'. Depending on the type of Brush you wish to download, you would then select, (for example) "Photoshop Brushes".

Once done you will be taken to a page of thumbnails (Which are previews of the Brushes you can download), once you choose a brush you like, click on the thumbnail to make it larger, which will take you to the Brush page. To download the selected Brush: click the "Download" link located next to the piece and select "save the file to disk".

If the Brush is in .zip format you will need to unzip the Brush, however, if the Brush is not in a .zip file it will be already to install as is. Since all installation varies, once the Brush is downloaded you will need to consult the Help Files of the program you are using to install the Brush.

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