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Are you experiencing an issue with DeviantArt? Please check our Status Forum first before submitting a ticket in case we are already aware of the issue you are experiencing.

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Who is on the Help Desk Team?

The Help Desk Team helps out with General Inquiries and Bug Reports. This team is manned by your friendly neighbourhood Ikue, however you may see some other helpful admins in the Help Desk depending on what section you submit your ticket to such as the Copyright and Etiquette Administration Team and the Retail Customer Care Team.

Please keep in mind that if you have any questions that need to be directed to the Help Desk Team, CEA Team, or Retail Team you should submit a ticket to the Help Desk itself rather than noting individual members of said team. Noting these teams will result in you being told that your questions are better left sent to the Help Desk itself where we can keep better track of your issue and it can be reviewed by others of the team.

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