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Are there any rules for the Forums?

:bulletred: Help with deviantART
If you need help with deviantART, check the thread: Where to get help on deviantART. and avoid creating threads requesting help in the forums.

:bulletred: Please read Sticky Threads before posting in a Forum
Each forum has a specific purpose and there may be additional rules/guidelines that apply to them. These rules will be posted in a special "sticky" thread at the top of the forum and will generally be titled "Please Read Before Posting". Please ensure you have read these and understand them before posting a thread.

:bulletred: Please use English only in the forums
While we respect the fact that deviantART is a global community, we need to ensure that the forums can be properly moderated and accessible to all. Please keep in this in mind when posting and please use English. If you wish to post a thread in another language you can use the Forum Widget on your main page (if you have a premium membership).

:bulletred: The Forums are not your Journal
Threads should start a discussion, ask a question, and/or be relevant to the Forum you are posting in. Posts containing a random statement or posts where it's needed to have prior knowledge about you, may be locked and you may be directed to repost it in your journal. This also includes the creation of threads with the purpose of calling another user out, please do not create threads to air your grievances with other users.

:bulletred: Sexual Discussions
Forum threads which focus upon sexual subjects, which place undue emphasis upon genitalia or which graphically describe sexual acts in detail are inappropriate and will be subject to immediate action. Please consult the following faq for more information -> FAQ #506: Does deviantART allow sexual discussions in comments, chatrooms or the forums?

:bulletred: Forum Titles/Posts
Please avoid the use of: Excessive CAPS, 'decorated' text, excessive use of symbols (such as !?#>~*<), symbols being used to push the titles over or distort the forum page. Please make sure that your forum thread title is relevant to the topic you are posting about.

:bulletred: One active thread per topic is enough
If there's already an active thread on a topic, please do not create a new one, simply post your comment in the original thread.

:bulletred: Don't Bump Threads
Bumping a thread is when you intentionally post a comment in a thread so that the thread gets "bumped up" to the top of the forum page. Doing this is discouraged and your thread may be locked if you continue to do so.

:bulletred: Don't beg for points/cash/donations
We encourage you to discuss any charitable activities you are involved with, but please note that people do not like being begged to give or donate and it's generally considered rude.

:bulletred: Don't ask for help with your homework
If you need help with your homework or an assignment you have, please don't ask in the forums, this would be better suited to your journal.

:bulletred: Don't ask for Roleplays
We do not have a forum for roleplaying and we wish to keep roleplay out of the forums, please use your own journal (or personal forums if you are a premium member) for roleplay.

:bulletred: Don't ask for help finding things
We have a search feature to help you look for art, if you don't remember the name or the artist then please ask in your journal or try an internet search engine.

FAQ #801

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