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deviantART Status
Are you experiencing an issue with deviantART? Please check our Status Forum first before submitting a ticket in case we are already aware of the issue you are experiencing.
Recent Issues

Before submitting an inquiry

  • Please refer to the FAQ Library as many of your inquiries may already be answered there.
  • Be sure to check the deviantART Status Forum as it may provide the answer to your question.
  • Please be advised of our hours of operation.

You're using a browser which is not officially supported by deviantART. We recommend upgrading your browser to one on our list of supported browsers.

How to make the best of your Bug Report

Did you know the leading cause of Bug Reports taking longer to resolve is due to lack of information?

Please read over the following list of ways to make sure you submit the best report possible.

  • List the exact feature that is broken
  • Describe the bug in detail and include steps on how to reproduce it
  • Provide direct links to the location of the problem
  • Provide screenshots of your issue. Not sure how to take one?
  • Check your browser extensions/add-ons and internet security programs in case they may be causing interference. List of extension and program related problems
  • If possible please try reproducing your issue on a different computer as well as one outside of your current internet network
  • For inquiries regarding the use of deviantART on mobile devices please provide the model name of your mobile device and its operating system (including version number if possible).
  • If your issue relates to Prints, Shopping Cart, Order related issues, Points, or the Chat/Forum please submit your ticket to the section related to that feature

Please note that markup such as :devusername: and :thumbXXXXX: will not work with our Help Desk software.